The TI-89 tutorial is available online in English and French, the english version is the most recent of the two, the french version will not be updated anymore.
I have done a PDF version wich corrects some mistakes in the online version, is easier to see and print because I have rewritten the document in Latex.

TI-89 tutorial
TI-89 tutorial
Tutoriel TI-89

TI calculators are great calculators. I use a TI-89 which is one of the best graphing calculators right now. Its CAS (Computer Algebra System) is very good for a small device like that. Here are some small programs I've written. You can also find my programs at


This program will give you the date that corresponds to the entered date, it has some interesting photos in it.
Calendar screenshot
This program will give you your BMI as well as useful informations
BMI screenshot
This program will give you the wind influence for a specific temperature.
WIOT screenshot

This program will generate the Fibonacci sequence.
Version 1.0 uses recursion while version 1.1 uses dynamic programming.
Version 1.1 is much faster than 1.0

Fibonacci Sequence
This program will give you the Easter date given a specific year.
Easter Date Calculator
This program will try to find the extremum of a two variables function.
Extremum 2 variables v 1.0
This program will calculate your Basal energy expenditure
Basal Energie Expenditure
This program uses the Bisection method to find roots.
Bisection method