EasyAlbum 0.9


EasyAlbum lets you:

EasyAlbum on Windows

Requirements :

Java 6 is required in order to run this program. Tested on Windows XP/2000. It should run on Windows/ Linux/ Solaris.

If do not know if you have Java or do not have Java 6 installed please visit

JAPS should run on any 500Mhz+ machine with at least 256MB of RAM.


Download the following zip file, extract it and then double click EasyAlbum_0.9.jar

If the double click doesn't work open a shell or command prompot and then issue the following command assuming Java is in your path and the lib directory is in the same directory from where you're executing the scripts.

java -jar EasyAlbum_0.9.jar 

Using EasyAlbum:

To be able to make a slideshow you should do the following

  1. You select a bunch of images, by using the Browse button, by using open from the file menu (Ctrl-O) or by drag and dropping the images on the images list on the left from the file manager : to select multiple images hold shift and select them using the up and down arrows
  2. The image settings will give you control over the big image that is displayed after you click on a thumbnail, you can choose the width, the height and the quality of the JPEGs produced (100% means best quality)

History :

18/11/2007: Version 0.9 released