JAPS 1.0


JAPS an acronym for Java Port Scanner is a port scanner written in Java using Swing. Its purpose was to let me get a hand on Java concurrency and especially the new ExecutorService in Java 5.

JAPS 1.0 on Windows

Requirements :

You should have Java 5 or Java 6 installed on your computer to run this program. It should run on Windows/ Mac/ Linux/ Solaris.

If do not know if you have Java or do not have Java 5 installed please visit

JAPS should run on any 500Mhz+ machine with at least 256MB of RAM.



Download the following zip file, extract it and then double click JAPS.exe

Linux/ Mac OS X/ Sun Solaris

Download the following zip file, extract it and then double click JAPS.jar

If the double click doesn't work open a shell and then issue the following command assuming Java is in your path and the lib directory is in the same directory from where you're executing the scripts.

java -jar JAPS.jar 

Using JAPS:

Please do not use the program for any illegal activities, just use it to secure yourself.
Here's how to use it:

  1. Write the IP or the hostname of the machine you want to scan then press ENTER. If you want to select a single port write the port number in the first two fields next to Port Range.
  2. Choose the number of threads you want JAPS to use. If you have a Pentium 4 CPU , AMD Athlon or Power PC G5 you can use 128; if you have a dual core CPU as a dual core AMD Athlon, Pentium D, Intel CORE DUO

History :

21/6/2007: Version 1.0 released