JSlideshow 1.1


This is a small java applet that displays a set of images. It is written in Java using Swing.

Using the applet on your webpage:

You should know HTML to be able to use this applet in your website:
This applet uses applet parameters, to specify the following things:

The images that can be displayed are : .jpeg, .gif or .png
Let's take an example, suppose you want to make a slideshow of the following images: «me.jpg, you.jpg, color.gif, today.png»
The HTML code required to display the slideshow in a webpage will be:
<title>My first slideshow</title>
<applet code="ca.antaki.www.jslideshow.ZoomImageFrame.class" archive="Slideshow.jar,forms-1.1.0.jar,
            metadata-extractor-2.4.0-beta-1.jar" width="800" height="550"> 
<!-- width and height depend on the user screen resolution -->
<param name="src" value="me.jpg|you.jpg|color.gif|today.png">
<param name="description" value="Me|you|color|today">
<param name="comment" value="this is me|this is you|This is a color| It's today">

The separator between the images is |, that means that you should not use it in either the image name nor the description neither the comment.

Download Slideshow.jar requires forms-1.1.0.jar and metadata-extractor-2.4.0-beta-1.jar

Applet examples: